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Searching for solutions?
Join Heather Wade as she shares her knowledge to help you.

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CEUs (continuing education units) or RUs (recertification units)
may be available at some conferences and presentations. 


 ASQ's "The Metrology Handbook, 3rd Ed"

 Editor: Heather A Wade


In 2023, Heather Wade is helping folks at:

 2023 ASQ World Conference on Quality & Improvement 

 2023 NCSL International Workshop & Symposium

  • July 8-13, 2023, Orlando, Florida 

    • Half-day Tutorial: The 3 Rs; Reading, Writing, and Reviewing: Accreditation Scopes, Service Requests, & Cal Certs

      • Saturday, July 8, 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (Eastern)

  • ASQ Inspection Division Webinar, August 8, 2023

    • The Elephant in the Room (Impact of Measurement Uncertainty on Risk)

2023 ASQ Measurement Quality Division Conference

The Quality Show 

2023 ASQ Audit Division Conference

  • Stay Tuned for more information!


In 2023, Heather Wade helped folks at:

In 2022, Heather Wade helped folks at:


Recent Dates for Webinar, "Beyond the Sticker and the Certificate

(Ensuring Better Measurements and Reduce Risk)"

All ASQ events Co-Sponsored by ASQ Measurement Quality Division

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