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Editor: Heather A Wade

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  1. BIPM JCGM 100:2008 – Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement why pay for ISO/IEC Guide 98 when you can download “The GUM” for free from BIPM (International Bureau of Weights & Measures).

  2. BIPM JCGM 200:2012 - International Vocabulary of Metrology - Basic and general concepts and associated terms (VIM) why pay for ISO/IEC Guide 99 when you can download “The VIM” for free from BIPM (International Bureau of Weights & Measures).

  3. BIPM 9th Edition of the SI Brochure (2019): International System of Units updated with the newly defined base units of measurements

  4. The CIPM MRA: International Equivalence of Measurements

  5. World Metrology Day

  6. ILAC: International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation

  7. NIST: National Metrology Institute of United States:

  8. NIST: Engineering Metrology Toolbox

  9. NPL Good Practice Guides

  10. NRC: National Research Council Canada: National Metrology Institute of Canada

  11. PTB: National Metrology Institute of Germany

  12. CENAM: National Metrology Institute of Mexico

  13. ASQ

  14. ASQ Certified Calibration Technician (CCT)

  15. NCSL International

  16. Measurement Science Conference held annually in the spring in Anaheim, California

  17. Cal Lab: The International Journal of Metrology - Effective Communication Between Customers and Their Labs, by Heather Wade

  18. Cal Lab: The International Journal of Metrology - Overview of the ISO/IEC Revision Process, by Heather Wade and Diana Baldi

  1. NEW 2020!! On-demand webinar with Vaisala: Learning from 483s and Warning Letters

  2. NEW 2020!! On-demand Vaisala GxP Warning Letters webinar Q&A

  3. Metrology in Daily Life Video: VSL Dutch Metrology Institute

  4. A World Without Metrology Video: VSL Dutch Metrology Institute

  5. Why Calibrate? - US Navy

  6. What is Calibration?

  7. The Need for Measurements, Standards & Traceability: National Physical Laboratory (NPL)

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