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Heather Wade

Achieve ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation with the guidance and expertise you need.


We Understand...

We understand the challenges of doing more with fewer resources.
It takes time to find qualified people and on-board them.

We know the time and money it takes to respond to both complaints and audit deficiencies.


Wouldn’t you like to have smoother processes that people actually follow?


We care about your lab's performance and your desire for the benefits from accreditation.

Put Your Fears to Rest with

Our Quality Guarantee

On your path to 17025 accreditation, if you are afraid... won't understand what to do, we will present a customized plan and timeline of expectations for you. will cost too much to hire a consultant, we will support you with our expertise and experience to save you time and money. won't understand the requirements necessary to achieve accreditation, our customized training is included to empower you.

Our Top Services

A Clear Path to Accreditation

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Step 1. Gap Analysis

We review your current systems, processes, and documentation and deliver a customized report of what you have and what you need.

Step 2. Customized plan to become accredited

We provide the framework and plan to match a realistic timeline to become accredited. We help you realize this plan.

Step 3. Achieve Accreditation

Along with preparing your quality system and lab practices to meet accreditation requirements, we include customized training to empower you with the knowledge and understanding to become accredited and maintain your accreditation.

Step 4. Enjoy the business growth from increase in loyal customers

We are here to help you with your growth and additions to your accreditation scope so you can help more customers.


Enjoy pain relief for your measurement headaches with the

ASQ Metrology Handbook

Order today to acquire your own signed and inscribed copy of the newest and most comprehensive book on metrology. 

Patrick Jester, J.D., CQA

"Heather Wade served as the A2LA Assessor for one of our locations and she was able to clearly identify areas that needed work. She did not merely come in and identify areas of deficiency, but also areas where we are strong! Heather's attention to detail is unparalleled and her candor is refreshing!"

Rick Martin

"Every time I’ve worked with HWG
I’ve received courteous and expeditious responses along with exceptional service."

Emil Hazarian

"The ASQ Metrology Handbook is very impressive, comprehensive... This book will have an answer for any question and business operating in quality-metrology.
It is an invaluable tool for metrology professionals."

Meet Heather


Your trusted advisor for ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation.

At Heather Wade Group, we believe labs needlessly suffer becoming ISO/IEC 17025 accredited on their own. I’ve seen the time delays and extra costs that good labs have from assessment deficiencies that would have been easy problems to prevent. In their excitement to become accredited, they now must learn on their own how to fix the deficiencies. Good labs can have significant expenses due to the extra time & costs to fix assessment deficiencies. Putting them further behind in reaping the boosted revenue and growth of being 17025 accredited. Labs who hire trusted advisors, who are experienced in the field, have smoother and faster accreditation than those who don’t.

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