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Code of Ethics

Heather takes ethics seriously and she knows you do, too.

She is a member of ASQ and IMCUSA, leading consulting and quality organizations with global standards of conduct and behavior for their members and certification holders. 

Heather Wade Group's professional commitment is aligned with both ASQ and IMCUSA because they are global standards of quality. 

As a Senior member of ASQ, Heather Wade adheres to the following ASQ Code of Ethics:

Fundamental Principles


ASQ requires its representatives to be honest and transparent. Avoid conflicts of interest and plagiarism. Do not harm others. Treat them with respect, dignity, and fairness. Be professional and socially responsible. Advance the role and perception of the Quality professional.

Expectations of a Quality Professional


1.  Act with Integrity and Honesty

  • Strive to uphold and advance the integrity, honor, and dignity of the Quality profession.

  • Be truthful and transparent in all professional interactions and activities.

  • Execute professional responsibilities and make decisions in an objective, factual, and fully informed manner.

  • Accurately represent and do not mislead others regarding professional qualifications, including education, titles, affiliations, and certifications.

  • Offer services, provide advice and undertake assignments only in your areas of competence, expertise, and training.

2.  Demonstrate Responsibility, Respect, and Fairness

  • Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of individuals, the public, and the environment.

  • Avoid conduct that unjustly harms or threatens the reputation of the Society, its members, or the Quality profession.

  • Do not intentionally cause harm to others through words or deeds. Treat others fairly, courteously, with dignity, and without prejudice or discrimination.

  • Act and conduct business in a professional and socially responsible manner.

  • Allow diversity in the opinions and personal lives of others.

3.  Safeguard Proprietary Information and Avoid Conflicts of Interest

  • Ensure the protection and integrity of confidential information.

  • Do not use confidential information for personal gain.

  • Fully disclose and avoid any real or perceived conflicts of interest that could reasonably impair objectivity or independence in the service of clients, customers, employers, or the Society.

  • Give credit where it is due.

  • Do not plagiarize. Do not use the intellectual property of others without permission. Document the permission as it is obtained.

As a Senior member of ASQ, Heather Wade adheres to the following ASQ Anti-Harassment & Anti-Discrimination Statement:

​It is the policy of ASQ that all Society members and participants in Society activities experience an environment free from all forms of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. As a professional organization, ASQ is committed to providing an atmosphere that is inclusive and safe and encourages the exchange of ideas regardless of sex, race, color, age, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or any other legally protected status. Harassment, discrimination, and retaliation are forms of misconduct that undermine the integrity of the Society and violate ASQ’s Code of Ethics.

As a previous member of the Institute of Management Consultants, Heather Wade adheres to the following Code of Ethics:

My Commitment to My Clients

  1. I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, independence, objectivity, and professionalism.

  2. I will mutually establish with my client's realistic expectations of the benefits and results of my services.

  3. I will only accept assignments for which I possess the requisite experience and competence to perform and will only assign staff or engage colleagues with the knowledge and expertise needed to serve my clients effectively.

  4. Before accepting any engagement, I will ensure that I have worked with my clients to establish a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements.

  5. I will treat appropriately all confidential client information that is not public knowledge, take reasonable steps to prevent it from access by unauthorized people, and will not take advantage of proprietary or privileged information, either for use by myself, the client's firm, or another client, without the client's permission.

  6. I will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of such and will immediately disclose to the client circumstances or interests that I believe may influence my judgment or objectivity.

  7. I will offer to withdraw from a consulting assignment when I believe my objectivity or integrity may be impaired.

  8. I will refrain from inviting an employee of an active or inactive client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.

    My Commitment to Fiscal Integrity


  9. I will agree in advance with a client on the basis for fees and expenses and will charge fees that are reasonable and commensurate with the services delivered and the responsibility accepted.

  10. I will not accept commissions, remuneration, or other benefits from a third party in connection with the recommendations to a client without that client's prior knowledge and consent, and I will disclose in advance any financial interests in goods or services that form part of such recommendations.

    My Commitment to the Public and the Profession 


  11. If within the scope of my engagement, I will report to appropriate authorities within or external to the client organization any occurrences of malfeasance, dangerous behavior, or illegal activities.

  12. I will respect the rights of consulting colleagues and consulting firms and will not use their proprietary information or methodologies without permission.

  13. I will represent the profession with integrity and professionalism in my relations with my clients, colleagues, and the general public.

  14. I will not advertise my services in a deceptive manner nor misrepresent or denigrate individual consulting practitioners, consulting firms, or the consulting profession.

  15. If I perceive a violation of the Code, I will report it to the Institute of Management Consultants USA and will promote adherence to the Code by other member consultants working on my behalf.

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