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Heather A Wade Featured in ASQ Community Member Spotlight, June 2024

What an honor to be selected by ASQ as their June 2024 Community Member Spotlight!

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I have been an ASQ member since 2006 and active in ASQ Measurement Quality Division as a volunteer member leader since 2010. Being a member of ASQ has been tremendously rewarding, personally and professionally. I have met and been able to work with subject matter experts who have become friends, colleagues, and some have become mentors.

I'd specifically like to give my gratitude to Dilip Shah, Jay Bucher, Georgia Harris, and Jd Marhevko. All of them are well-respected and award-winning subject matter experts who have helped me professionally. Jay Bucher was Editor of the ASQ Metrology Handbook, 1st and 2nd Editions. He invited me to contribute to the 2nd Edition of ASQ Metrology Handbook. Unfortunately, Jay Bucher passed away in 2014. I used the experience of working with Jay on the 2nd Edition as motivation and basis for leading the 3rd Edition update and Editing.

I pride myself in giving back as an ASQ volunteer member leader: presenting at a variety of regional, national, and international conferences; leading updates of the ASQ Certified Calibration Technician Exams and Body of Knowledge; serving in appointed and elected positions within ASQ Measurement Quality Division; collaborating with other ASQ technical and geographic communities; collaborating with measurement and standards organizations; publishing the ASQ Metrology Handbook, 3rd Edition; and recruiting and mentoring member leaders.


I'd love to hear your experience with ASQ. What professional connections have you made? What ASQ certifications do you have? What are your favorite quality tools?




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