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How The ASQ Metrology Handbook Helps Address & Prevent Non-Conformities

Updated: Apr 12

Audit Checklist with three checkboxes: Audit Satisfactory, Non-conformances found, and Observations made. Only the Audit Satisfactory box is checked
Audit Checklist Possibilities

As an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation assessor and as a consultant, I see recurring non-conformity areas with which many labs seem to struggle. What are these areas?

Areas of Recurring Non-Conformities and the Metrology Handbook, 3rd Edition Chapters:

  • Documenting and Validating Calibration Procedures Chapter 5

  • Ensuring Metrological Traceability Chapters 9 & 11

  • Training & Competency Chapter 15

  • Software & Software Validation Chapter 18

  • Understanding and Applying Specifications Chapter 21

  • Uncertainty in Measurement Chapter 29

  • Measurement Risk and Decision Rules Chapter 30

  • Managing a Metrology Department or Calibration Lab Chapters 39 - 44

Sometimes these non-conformities are from just not knowing what and how to address these areas. One can search the internet for solutions and can find a multitude of answers. How do you know whom and what to trust?

The ASQ Metrology Handbooks have long been considered THE go-to metrology reference. Why? Because the ASQ Metrology Handbook, 3rd Edition is an all-in-one, comprehensive, peer-reviewed, quality system and metrology reference that can deliver "Pain Relief for Measurement Headaches".


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