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FINALLY PUBLISHED!! ASQ Metrology Handbook, 3rd Edition

Updated: Apr 12

Heather A Wade is Editor and Heather Wade Group is proud to be an authorized reseller of ASQ's Metrology Handbook, 3rd Edition.


After 2 years of writing, collaborating, researching, editing, updating, and more editing, the completely updated ASQ Metrology Handbook, 3rd Edition has been published!!! The ASQ Metrology Handbook has long considered to be THE go-to metrology reference. The 3rd Edition is a comprehensive update! Whatever your job path is, the ASQ Metrology Handbook 3rd Edition is sure to be a comprehensive and guiding reference. Whether you are studying for the ASQ Certified Calibration Technician (CCT) exam or want to learn the broadest areas of metrology, you will want to have this handy reference book!

It's been over 10 years since the 2nd Edition was published and much has happened in the world of metrology! Jay Bucher (Editor of 1st & 2nd editions of Metrology Handbook) passed away, ISO/IEC 17025 updated from 2005 version to 2017 version, the International System of Units (SI Units) were all redefined (and the kilogram is now defined by natural physical constants), just to name a few.

The 3rd Edition is a complete update with new and expanded chapters, including Training and Competency, Software Validation, Statistics, Decision Rules and Risk, Uncertainty in Measurement, Mass and Weighing, Force, Chemical and Biological Measurements and Uncertainties, and more!


This updated Metrology Handbook is possible because of the contributions and input from 3rd Edition Contributors:

Heather A Wade, Georgia L Harris, Henry A Zumbrun II, Jane Weitzel, Pamela Wright, Paul Keep, Anthony Hamilton, and Walter Nowocin.

3rd Edition reviewers and valuable input by Dilip Shah, Sharry Masarek, Heather Sandoe, John Rumble, Mark Ruefenacht, Elizabeth Benham, Michael Lombardi, and Val Miller helped to ensure its content is relevant, correct, and readable.

A big THANK YOU to the ASQ Quality Press editing team!!! Their thoroughness, eagle-eyes, and editing & publishing expertise have helped to bring forth an outstanding reference for anyone who deals with metrology, calibration, and quality! I am so proud of this handbook and all that it contains.


We look forward to your feedback!

Heather A Wade is Editor and Heather Wade Group is proud to be an authorized reseller of ASQ's Metrology Handbook, 3rd Edition.

If you are an ASQ member and would like to purchase either the hard copy or the electronic PDF version at the ASQ Member Rate, please visit ASQ

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It is one of the most worthwhile professional memberships available in the world!



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